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South Carolina Family Court Mediation Attorney Carrie Tanner is a certified Mediator. Working out of our Camden office, she is ready to help see parties peaceably through the dissolution of their marriage and to provide a more compassionate option for solving serious family issues.

What is mediation and why should I be interested?

Mediation is another method of arriving at a divorce or settlement agreement; it's often the less antagonistic, non-adversarial approach. Quicker and more cost-efficient than litigation, mediation allows the parties work together to come willingly to an agreement rather than waiting for and relying on a court's ruling to define the terms of their divorce agreement for them. The atmosphere of calm and compromise that mediation encourages often allows both parties to look one another in the eye after the agreement has been reached, which is especially desirable when children are in the picture.

How does family court mediation work?

After both parties agree to mediation or it is scheduled in the course of litigation, a mediator comes in as a neutral third party who is there to assist both sides in reaching an agreement. In the event mediation fails to result in an agreement, both sides typically continue the litigation process and most often have their issues decided on by a judge.

Using mediation for specific issues arising out of divorce

Mediation has been proven useful not just in divorce, but in specific issues that can accompany divorce or the dissolution of a relationship. Issues may arise such as child custody, visitation, spousal support, and equitable division of assets and property. Having a mediator to placate and mollify both sides as they work their way through those unforeseen emotional landmines can be invaluable in reaching an acceptable resolution.

One of the best reasons for going through family court mediation, though, is for the low-stress, cooperative environment mediation provides for working through child custody and child support disputes and serious family issues. Certified Family Court Mediator Carrie Hall Tanner offers a gentler means of working through these disagreements, always working to keep the best interests of any child potentially affected in the forefront of everyone's minds.

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