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Drug crimes are among the most challenging areas of law, subject to strict penalties and long-lasting impacts on your life, even for seemingly minor offenses. But there may be legal remedies you can access that mitigate the consequences, depending on the situation, the specific charge and your history. Our South Carolina drug crimes defense attorneys can work to minimize the damage of having these charges on your record.

First-time offenders charged with lower level drug offenses often have a variety of options that can minimize the lasting ramifications of a drug conviction. It is very important to explore all options and defenses before entering a guilty plea. Stiffer penalties are more likely if you're convicted of possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, or trafficking in illegal drugs. Penalties may continue to escalate for charges involving cocaine, crack cocaine methamphetamine and heroin.

Federal drug charges generally carry the harshest penalties. Mandatory sentences can apply to many drug offenses, meaning the judge has no discretion in the term of incarceration regardless of extenuating circumstances.

Our law firm of Speedy, Tanner, & Atkinson represents clients in both state and federal courts throughout South Carolina; three of our attorneys are former state prosecutors. We defend drug charges aggressively, using all the tools at our disposal to limit the damage that a drug conviction can create in your life. We will work to ensure your legal rights are upheld and educate you throughout the process. Criminal drug charges are frightening- let us help.

Retaining a qualified attorney in South Carolina is the first step in mounting a credible defense when you're facing drug charges. Don't hesitate to contact us about your arrest - there's no fee for the initial consultation.

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