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Camden Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Led by principal attorney George Speedy, Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook, LLC, has been providing reliable workers' compensation representation to injured workers for decades. We know the hassles injured workers must often endure to obtain simple compensation for the injuries occurring on the job. We get great satisfaction sticking up for workers' rights in such matters.

Lancaster Work-Related Injury Lawyer

Many people have a limited sense of what workers' compensation does, that it's for cuts, burns, bruises and broken bones suffered in the workplace. The definition of injury actually goes way beyond these "falling hammer" events. Workers' comp today covers a wide range of health problems, including:

  • Occupational illnesses such as lung diseases, asthma, skin conditions and anxiety attacks
  • Repetitive trauma injuries such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis
  • Loss of vision and hearing, which can be very common in loud factory settings
  • Chemical poisoning

Workers' comp is not just for full-time employees either. It is also available to people working part time, on contract or on commission.

A great workers' compensation team like ours has to know the ins and outs of South Carolina law and to be familiar with the wide range of afflictions that occur on the job.

Do You Know About Third-Party Liability Claims?

Workers' comp cases pit workers against their immediate employers. Third-party claims are against other businesses that may cause you to be injured. If you drive a truck and are broadsided by another company's driver, you may file a claim against that company — with a much greater upside than a workers' comp, which is a compromise system designed to protect workers from harm and employers from lawsuits.

To learn more about third-party liability suits, call Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook, LLC, today at 803-572-4054.

No Case Is More Important To Us Than Yours

Have you been injured on the job? Workers' compensation is there to help with medical and other expenses. Call the Camden workers' compensation lawyers at Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook at 803-572-4054, toll free at 888-684-9825, or write us using this form. Our Lancaster office, at 803-283-7000, is also equipped to handle workers' comp and third-party suits.

  • George Speedy
  • Carrie Tanner
  • Zack Atkinson
  • Trey Cook


  • I am a single father and it is very hard for a single father to win in a custody case, but Carrie Tanner was able to get me custody of my daughter...
    - Family Court Client Represented by Carrie Tanner
  • George Speedy represented me for a very serious, violent crime that I was accused of, but did not commit...
    - Criminal/General Sessions Client - Represented by George Speedy
  • We want to thank you for everything. You made the impossible possible. There really are no words to express our gratitude to you...
    - Criminal/General Sessions Client Represented by Zack Atkinson
  • Trey never talked down to me. When I needed him, he always took my call. I didn't have to go through anyone to get to him...
    - Family Court Client - Represented by Trey Cook

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