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Camden Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers

Crash victims react with anguish when they discover that the reason they were rear-ended/ struck broadside/driven off the road was because the other driver was chatting on the cellphone. That frivolous conversation may have transformed or even ended the lives of an entire family.

Lancaster Cellphone Accident Attorney

Distracted driving is how these kinds of accidents are described, and it includes a host of foolish practices besides talking on the phone:

  • Eating and drinking
  • Turning to talk to passengers
  • Brushing one's hair
  • Children out of car seats
  • Being unable to see because of too much junk in the car
  • Reading a roadmap spread across the steering wheel
  • Being distracted by the GPS
  • Changing CDs
  • Searching for change

Harsh New Texting And Driving Laws

The distracted driving problem is serious enough that South Carolina has passed laws specifying the practice. It is possible, in a distracted driving personal injury case, to ask for punitive damages on top of medical expenses, time lost from work and other losses. Punitive damages send the message that negligent driving will not be tolerated.

Have you been seriously injured because of another driver's carelessness? A personal injury lawsuit may compensate you for medical expenses, time away from work and other costs.

If you or a loved one has been injured by careless driving, call the Camden distracted driving accident attorneys at Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook at 803-572-4054, toll free at 888-684-9825, or write us using this form.

If you are in the Lancaster area, lawyer Trey Cook handles negligent driving cases there. Call Trey at 803-283-7000.

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