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Camden, South Carolina Drug Charges Legal Counsel

You Are Facing a Drug Charge in Kershaw County. Now What?

Whether you have been charged with marijuana possession or trafficking cocaine, experience counts when it comes to choosing an attorney who has the drive and the in-depth knowledge to provide you with a top defense. As the state of South Carolina has passed tougher laws regarding drug possession, distribution, trafficking and manufacturing, the odds are stacked against you without a skilled advocate on your side.

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Located in Camden, and only 35 miles from the Columbia campus of the University of South Carolina, the law firm of Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook has experience with: marijuana possession defense, criminal defense against charges of illegal sales of prescription drugs or cocaine, and legal guidance in matters regarding the manufacturing of methamphetamines (meth labs). What's more, our attorneys have experience defending clients in both state and federal courts. Two of our attorneys are former prosecutors and have handled thousands of cases in both Richland and Kershaw counties. We know the defense strategies that work.

Staying Out of Jail

The most common concern clients who are facing drug charges will ask is, "how can I stay out of jail?" To a great degree, it depends on the charge, whether it is a first offense, and whether it is in conjunction with another criminal offense (DUI, for instance). While dismissal of the charge is the ultimate goal, it is not always possible. In state charges, first offenses for simple possession, particularly of marijuana, seldom require jail time, but there is a mandatory license suspension unless we can get a conditional discharge. Pretrial intervention and drug court are other ways to help you keep your freedom. We are familiar with the procedures, and have had great success in using all tools available under the law to help our clients.

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The lawyers at Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook are dedicated to helping you. No question is too small, no need too great. Please call us at 803-572-4054 in Camden or 803-283-7000 in Lancaster, or contact us by email for more information. There is no fee for an initial consultation.

  • George Speedy
  • Carrie Tanner
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  • I am a single father and it is very hard for a single father to win in a custody case, but Carrie Tanner was able to get me custody of my daughter...
    - Family Court Client Represented by Carrie Tanner
  • George Speedy represented me for a very serious, violent crime that I was accused of, but did not commit...
    - Criminal/General Sessions Client - Represented by George Speedy
  • We want to thank you for everything. You made the impossible possible. There really are no words to express our gratitude to you...
    - Criminal/General Sessions Client Represented by Zack Atkinson
  • Trey never talked down to me. When I needed him, he always took my call. I didn't have to go through anyone to get to him...
    - Family Court Client - Represented by Trey Cook

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